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Bus Routes for 2023/24 effective August 3, 2023.
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Bus Routes for 2023/24 effective August 3, 2023.
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Bus routes are subject to frequent change.  Please contact our transportation department with any questions regarding current bus stops, pick-up or drop-off times and/or new service requests.

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Jaime Thorpe - Lead Bus Driver
(530) 517-3962

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The winter months can often mean flooding or fog. If roads are flooded, we will not send our buses out. When visibility is 200 feet or less, we cannot run the buses by law. In case of severe fog, the buses could be delayed one hour.

When there is a possibility of flooding or fog, it is very important that you listen to the radio and TV stations for news before sending your child to the school bus stop or check for road conditions online.

Television Stations:
KRCR-TV - Channel 7 - Tel 530-243-7777
KHSL-TV Channel 12 - Tel 530-343-1212
KNVN-TV Channel 24 - Tel530-894-1212

Radio Stations:
KALF (The Wolf) 95.7 FM - Tel 530-899-4600
KCHO 91.7 FM - Tel 530-898-5896
KFM 93.9 FM - Tel 530-899-3600
KHSL 103.5 FM - Tel 530-345-0021
KMXI 95.1 FM - Tel 530-345-0021
KPAY 1290 AM - Tel 530-345-0021

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Butte County Road Conditions
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