Title I Parent Involvement Policy

Each school in the Willows Unified School District has a Title I Parent Involvement Policy, which details ways you can be involved in your child's education.

Studies agrees that, when your child reaches school age, parent involvement in your child's education at home and at school nurtures his or her development, both socially and academically. Students whose parents take an active role in their school life are more likely to attend school regularly, achieve higher grades and test scores, and continue their education beyond high school. The positive influence of parent involvement in a child's education may be more important to student success than family income or education.

At Willows Unified School District, we want to establish a regular two-way, meaningful communication between our parents and our school personnel. Your school will inform you about academic standards, the curriculum, your child's progress, school and district activities and educational issues. At the same time, it is important that our schools receive your parental input and involvement in matters that affect your children's education.

To view the Title I Parent Involvement Policy for your school, please click a link below: