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Maintenance, Operations, Grounds and Facilities employees provide a safe, clean and comfortable learning environment and workplace for students and school employees by inspection, maintenance, cleaning and repair of District buildings and grounds. These departments maintain a year-round work schedule to assure that our buildings and grounds meet local, state, and federal safety mandates.

CUPCCAA Bidder's List Information
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Willows Unified School District has elected to participate in the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (CUPCCAA).

Public projects, as defined by the Act and in accordance with the limits listed in Section 22032 of the Public Contract Code will be allowed to contract by informal procedures as set forth in Sections 22032-22045 of the Public Contract Code. All licensed contractors are invited to submit the name of their firm to the District for inclusion in the District’s list of qualified bidders.

Interested Contractors are required to complete and submit to the District the Willows Unified School District Bidders List Information Form.

Click here for the CUPCCAA Form.

Contractors are to download this form, provide all required and requested information, and submit the form via one of the following ways:

  1. Mail to: Superintendent, 823 W. Laurel St., Willows, CA 95988.
  2. E-mail to: 
  3. Fax: (530) 934-6609.

All submittals, via email or facsimile, must be clearly labeled “Willows Unified School District CUPCCAA Bidders List Information Form Submittal”.

Information required on the form will include, but not be limited to:

  1. The name and complete address, including zip code.
  2. The telephone and facsimile numbers and e-mail address.
  3. The Class of the Contractor’s License(s) held and Contractor License Number(s).
  4. The type(s) of work in which the Contractor is interested and currently licensed to perform, such as, but not limited to, General Engineering, General Building, or Specialty Contracting such as, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Structural, Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC), Earthwork, Pipelines, Painting, Carpentry, Concrete, Demolition, Excavation, Landscaping, Masonry, Painting, Roofing, Etc.

Once registered on the District’s list, you will be notified by email about any capital improvement projects.

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The Facilities Master Plan purpose is to identify improvements needed to provide a safe, healthy and effective learning environment for all WUSD students. A copy of the Draft Master Plan was presented as an informational item at the April 3, 2014 WUSD School Board meeting. A copy of the Master Plan and associated summary of costs are available to download and print below. Please call the District office at 530.934.6600 if you have any questions.

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Work Order requests can be made through the school offices.

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Maintenance, Operations & Grounds
Steven Permann
Maintenance III Lead
(530) 934-6611 ext. 7020
  Rosa Hernandez
Custodian Lead
(530) 934-6611