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Engagement Team Services
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  • We provide information to parents/guardians concerning District policies and procedures such as registration,
    curriculum, assessment, and discipline as stipulated in site and District policies.
  • Provide information and assistance to families regarding school/community/social services resources and encourage problem resolution.
  • Conduct informational meetings, conferences, and workshops for families to inform, train, and encourage full participation in the educational system.
  • Support development of parent leadership in the school community.
  • Serve as a contact for parents/guardians to call with questions or concerns about school programs, specific activities and events.
  • Provide translation and interpretation as needed.
  • Maintain confidentiality within the scope of duties.

Engagement Team Members
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Nicole Chavez
(530) 934-6600 ext 8116
Nora Ayala
(530) 934-6600 ext 8117