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The Willows Unified School District serves the greater south central area of Glenn County.  The District was formed in 1966, bringing together five small school districts with the goal of providing more and better educational opportunities for students in this area.
We currently serve approximately 1460 students and employ approximately 126 teaching, classified, and administrative staff members.  Willows Unified School District serves a diverse population, with 38% Anglo, 51% Hispanic, 6% Asian, 3% Native American, 1% African American and 1% other ethnicities.
Our schools provide other educational opportunities outside the classroom, including athletics, music, associated student body and Future Farmers of America (FFA).

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"Preparing today's students for tomorrow's challenges."

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Willows Unified School District provides a safe, engaging, student focused learning environment where each student:

  • Realizes his/her full potential
  • Develops respect and tolerance for self and others
  • Becomes a productive member of our global society

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  1. Adhere to state mandated accountability criteria related to the Local Control Funding.
  2. Be financially capable of supporting all of the District's obligations.
  3. Provide clear, concise, and current District policies.
  4. Ensure safe, clean, orderly, and drug-free campuses that promote a positive learning environment.
  5. Recruit and retain the highest quality personnel.
  6. Provide and maintain adequate facilities to house students and support all program needs.
  7. Develop and maintain a TK-12 curriculum that is aligned with State Standards and supports the needs of all students.
  8. Implement effective online instruction to engage all students through independent study.
  9. Collaborate with students, parents, and the community in developing greater cultural awareness, tolerance, and understanding.
  10. Develop and maintain good communication between the District, parents, and the community.
  11. Integrate student and staff members' use of technology to improve achievement and performance in all subject areas.
  12. Promote and support programs and coursework leading to all students becoming career and/or college ready.
  13. Mitigate learning loss due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
  14. Implement California Department of Public Health Coronavirus safety protocols.

Mission Vision Goals 2021-22