District School Leadership Team (DSLT)

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The District and School Leadership Team (DSLT) was formed in February 2011, in order to aid the Willows Unified School District in meeting state and federal requirements related to the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.  Initially, the District worked in collaboration with the Region 2- Regional System of District and School Support (RSDSS) in creating a plan to promote students' academic growth and success.  Through a very specific and coordinated process, the DSLT embarked on a journey of district-wide improvement, collaboration, and a focused effort which has led to enhanced student learning, improved instruction, and increased academic achievement in several areas.


Each DSLT member volunteers his/her time to serve on the team.  The DSLT membership includes representatives from various educational community stakeholder groups.  DSLT members include teachers; parents; WUSD district-wide and site level administrators; a classified employee; and a Board member.  The DSLT meets as a group at least five times during the year, and each member plays a valuable role in advising and guiding the district through the district-wide improvement process.  The group benefits from the inclusion of each individual member's perspective in the conversations during meetings, and it is hoped that the members serve as "conduits" to the larger group(s) that they represent; consequently, the discussions, decisions, activities, and information that is shared at the meetings is disseminated throughout the community as necessary and appropriate.

The DSLT Mission Statement reads... "The mission of the Willows Unified DLT is to effectively collaborate as a team to support the district-wide mission by improving the learning of all students."


Any questions or comments related to the DSLT should be directed to the Superintendent.