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Work in Progress Images
The Library and Lab have been undergoing some pretty big changes lately.

The computers have been rearranged into rows so all students can see the projector screen.  Most of the cables are already off the ground, with a few exceptions, but I plan on having it all completed in the near future.

Some high school students have been helping decorate the room so it can have a more "lively" atmosphere and hopefully raise a bit more school spirit.  The theme for the computer lab is an outdoor wildlife scene.  The best way to describe it is that is has the look and feel of the old Nintendo game Duck Hunt, and the theme for the library is going to be fantasy/adventure.

The Library is in the process of having a full inventory done.  While this is being done ALL books will eventually be pulled from the shelf and scanned, have a new barcode label placed in them, and put back in their rightful place.  This will help find "lost" or misplaced books, and will also allow for every book to get some hands on interaction so we can see if any of them need some extra care.  This has been a very slow process so far, but I hope to have it all finished in the next couple of months.

I would like to give the library and lab a name.  I'm trying to get the children involved by having their teachers ask for suggestions on what they would like it to be named.  I've gotten a few suggestions so far, but I would love to see some more.  Again, the theme is a waterfowl setting so I'd like to come up with something related to that.  Here are a few suggestions that I have already gotten:  "The Mallard Pond", "Lucky Duckies", "Mallard Den"....  If you have any suggestions please feel free to email them to me at or send a note to school with your child and they can give it to their teacher.  This would be a good opportunity to get your child involved a bit with school by having them come up with interesting names that they would like to see on the library/lab.  Once a name is chosen I will have a sign made.
Library Staff
James Stevens - Library/Lab Specialist
Volunteers are welcome in the library. If you can volunteer your time to help us keep the library open, please e-mail the library or call the school office. No prior training is necessary.
Birthdays are a great time to sponsor a book in your child's name or as a gift to a friend. Please e-mail the library or phone the school office if you'd like to adopt a book for our library.
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